American Graffiti: French Fries


I'm not convinced that these home made fries are much better than the ones in the frozen isle. Frankly, I might go with the frozen fries and make may own batter fried onion rings, which are much better than the pre-made variety.


  • 1 Large Bottle (4 - 5 C) Frying Oil - I used corn oil. (Note: If you're making our batter fried onion rings you can use the same oil. Do the first cooking of the fries in the oil, then the onion rings, then the second cooking of the fries).
  • 2 pounds Baking Potatoes
  • Salt

Special Equipment

  • Frying Thermometer
  • French Fry Press (Optional)


French Fries are traditionally peeled, the french "Frites" on the other hand usually leave the skin in place. I like the skins, so didn't peel the potatoes...your choice. Slice the potatoes into "French Fry" size strips, say 1/4" wide by 3" long. Put them in cold water and refrigerate.
Pour the oil into a pot. Clip a candy thermometer to the pot and put on a high flame.
100_2944.JPGWe want to get the oil to 325 degrees F.
100_2944.JPGDrain the potatoes. Bring them over to the hot oil and (using tongs) lower them a bunch at at time to the oil. Stir to keep them from clumping together. Cook for five minutes and then put the fries on paper towels to drain.
100_2944.JPGRaise the temperature of the oil to 375 Degrees F. Cook the fries a second time until they begin to brown.
100_2944.JPGRemove from the oil.
100_2944.JPGPlace the fries on paper towels.
100_2944.JPGAdd a 1/2 t of salt and pepper and blend everything together by hand.
Serve while they're hot!

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