Bend It Like Beckham: Raita


Raita are cooling yogurt-based side dishes that accompany many Indian meals. Basically, you take a cup of yogurt and add to it either a peeled chopped cucumber or seeded, chopped tomato.


  • 1 C Yoghurt
  • 1 Peeled, chopped Cucumber or 1 large, seeded, chopped Tomato



Trim the fat and gristle from the meatIf you're making the Cucumber Raita, peel a cucumber and chop it into quarter inch pieces. For the Tomato Raita, chop a large tomato into quarter inch pieces.
Trim the fat and gristle from the meatCombine the 1 C Yoghurt with the chopped veggie of your choice. Salt and Pepper to taste. Refrigerate.

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