Blazing Saddles: Beans & Raspberries

Lyle: How 'bout more beans, Mr. Taggart?

Taggart: [fans his hat in the air] I'd say you had enough!

Film critic Dave Kehr, in commenting on Blazing Saddles induction to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, wondered if its historical significance is that it contained the "first fart joke in a major studio film".

Blazing Saddles is also often hilarious, subversive, and on the political cutting edge. Brooks challenges our notions of the mythic American West, focusing a light on racism, corrupt government and industry and our own complicity in the darker side of American history.

We had two major food cues that we could have taken for our dinner from the movie; both involve beans. Toward the end of the film, the characters break free from the "wild west" and emerge through the wall of the commissary at the film studio. Slim Pickens is covered in food. The cafeteria cashier sizes up the food splattered all over him and rings it up on the register: "Yankee bean soup, coleslaw, and tuna surprise."

Of course, Blazing Saddles most famous food moment is the campfire farting scene. Maybe you're guests will get the joke of our dinner as soon as they see what's playing and what's on the menu. If not, they surely will when the cowboys start "singing". We'll compliment the chili with fresh raspberries and home made whipped cream, just to make sure no one thinks our humor is too subtle!

Two very different chilies...

Spicy two-bean red chili

We'll start with a traditional, spicy, two-bean red chili made with beef, pork, and chorizo sausage in a beer-based broth.

Green Chili with all the fixings

For something different, we'll also serve a tangy green chili made of chicken, tomatillos, green and yellow peppers, coriander, and a splash of tequila. The guests can help themselves to the chili and fixings (including sour cream, red onion, cheese, diced avocado, tortillas)

Rice with Corn

My father taught me a traditional mexican way to prepare rice with corn that sends both of our chiles to the next level. This delicious and fragrant dish is one of my favorites with chili and all Tex-Mex meals.

Raspberry Tart

Just to continue with our theme, we'll finish the meal with a delicious Raspberry Tart.