Diner: Comfort Food

Ok....Most diner meatloaf doesn't include Shitake Mushroom Sauce, but must we suffer for our love of film?

Like American Graffiti, Barry Levinson's Diner is a film about male ambivalance toward growing up. Here, the looming menace isn't the war or college; it is women.

To these young men, women are terra incognita, the great unknown. In fact, these guys aren't even sure they want to know women in anything but the carnal sense of the word. Peter Pans, they want to be accepted on their own terms - sports, sex, and rock and roll.

Sadly, I know men who look on this film as an homage to their glory days. For me, like Diner food, it is familiar, low-brow, and sometimes satisfying. However, don't look to close or you might become a bit repulsed.

For dinner, basic diner fare: Meatloaf, on white bread if you like, with string beans and mashed potatoes.