From Russia with Love: Turkish Delight

Bond...James Bond...not in the Kremlin, but Istanbul...

a city perfectly poised for espionage, straddling two continents. British and Soviet spies clash in this complex city.

It is one of the best Bond films: Sean Connery comes into his own in his second time as 007. The film features fewer high tech gadgets, relying on more suspense than Goldfinger or Thunderball. There's an exploding briefcase that's more Swiss Army Knife than Samsonite. But, other than that, and villain Big Red's garrote disguised as a wrist watch, From Russia With Love relies on the force of Connery's charisma, his sex appeal, to propel the story.

For our main course, salad and rice, we'll whip up a fast, authentic Turkish dinner that you can finish in about an hour. The chopped eggplant salad takes a bit longer, but can be made in advance.

Turkish Delight

For an appetizer, we'll make a Middle Eastern chopped eggplant dip, called Baba Ganoush, served with toasted pita bread.

Shrimp Dardenelles is a dish I first had near the docks in Istanbul. A sauce of tomatoes with chunks of feta cheese gives the shrimp a tangy taste. We'll serve it over white rice.

We'll serve the shrimp with a chopped salad, typical of Istanbul.

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