La Cage Aux Folles : Dinner from our fine Feathered Friends

Coq Au Vin

We answer the question of which came first....

Chicken first, then the eggs in this delicious french meal inspired by Le Cage Aux Folles, and its progeny, including the Robin Williams remake "The Birdcage".

This is a main course that can be done start to finish in about an hour, and yet has a much more elegant feel than simple broiled chicken.

Because in my house most people prefer white meat I make the dish with four split chicken breasts. You can also substitute the more traditional, whole chicken cut into 8 pieces.

As you might expect, our dinner features Coq...

Coq Au Vin

Coq Au Vin is one of my "go to" dinners when I need something a bit fancy, but not too difficult. Sauteed chicken is simmered with pearl onions and mushrooms in a yummy wine sauce. Start to finish it is about an hour. We'll serve it over egg noodles and with Brussels sprouts.

Brussel Sprouts

We'll serve up buttered, steamed Brussels sprouts, and optionally, noodles or rice.

Chocolate Soufle

For dessert, more food from our feathered friends: Chocolate Souffle. Widgets
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