The Third Man: TafelSpitz



From start to finish, the cooking time of this dish is about 3 and a half hours. Most of the time the meat is just "cooking". This gives you plenty of time to prepare the side dishes at a calm pace.


  • 2 Medium Yellow Onions
  • 6 Carrots
  • 4 Turnips
  • 2-3 Stalks of celery
  • 2 leaks
  • 2-3 C Beef Broth
  • Fresh Chives
  • 4 lbs Bottom Round Roast or Thick Brisket


Cut two onions in half and brown themCut two onions in half and put in the bottom of a large soup pot. Heat until they actually blacken on the bottom.
Peel 4-6 carrotsPeel 4-6 carrots.
Cut the carrots into 2-3" segmentsChop the carrots into 2-3" segments
Peel the turnipsPeel 4 turnips.
Sliced turnipsSlice them into thick pieces.
Clean and trim 2 stalks of celeryClean and cut up 2 stalks of celery.
Trimmed leaksClean and trim 2 leaks.
The blackened onionsBy now the onions should be done. Remove them to a bowl (for later).
Bring 4 quarts of water to a boilFill the soup with about 4 quarts of water.
Add 1/3 of the veggies to the pot of waterAdd about a third of the veggies. Reserve the rest for later.
Add 2-3 cups of beef brothAdd 2-3 cups of beef broth.
Add about a half cup of fresh chives.
Put the meat in the pot.Add the meat. Bring the pot to a boil, covered.
Let the meat simmer for 3 hoursNow, uncover the pot and lower the temperature to bring the broth to a constant simmer. We're going to leave the meat cooking for about 3 hours.
Skim any foam from the brothAlong the way, skim off any foam that appears. Now, you can make the spinach, chives sauce, and apple sauce.
Straining the brothThree hours has passed. Line a sieve with cheesecloth. Remove the meat to a warm plate and cover with aluminum foil. Pour the soup through the cheese cloth into another pot. Discard the vegetables.
Veggies in the brothInto the new pot, add the rest of the leaks, turnips, celery and carrots. Bring the soup back to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer for while you prepare the potatoes. This will take about 15 minutes. By then dinner will be ready.
The veggies as the come from the potRemove the veggies and cut them into attractive pieces.
The prepared veggies Arrange the veggies on a warm plate and cover until you present them.
Second straining the brothStrain the soup through cheesecloth one last time. Test for taste. Add salt and pepper as desired. Serve the soup.
TafelspitzThe meat is served in thick slices, cut across the grain. The meat may benefit from a bit of fresh pepper and salt.
TafelspitzHere is our full presentation.
TafelspitzEvery plate gets some of the veggies, applesauce, chive sauce, creamed spinach and potato hash.

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